Burger King
Whopper Envy

Another fresh campaign.

Brief & Challenge

There’s one thing that differentiates BURGER KING® from its competitors - fresh ingredients. We were asked to advertise this by positioning the WHOPPER® burger as South Africa’s favourite and freshest hamburger.

Insight & Solution

WHOPPER® Envy. It doesn’t matter what you’re eating. Sit down next to someone with a WHOPPER®, and you’ll experience food envy. You’re sad, perplexed. Why are you not eating a WHOPPER®? The only way to avoid it? Get a better, fresher WHOPPER®. The WHOPPER® Envy campaign was TV-led, included radio spots, and a digital activation that allowed people to swop their inferior lunch for a Better, Fresher WHOPPER®.


11,7-to-1 PR ROI (AVE 1:1)
Earned Media: R1 452 287
Direct Social Media Reach: 3 297 702