Inspiring healthcare professionals to see patients as people first.

Brief & Challenge

As a healthcare provider, Mediclinic International’s strategic focus is to put their patients first.

Our challenge:
Dramatise this unique perspective for the theme of the 2016 Mediclinic International Group Conference. As part of the campaign, we were briefed to design a notebook for the delegates to receive as a keepsake.

Insight & Solution

Our theme concept, PERSONOLOGY, used the human phenomenon of seeing faces in everyday objects as a metaphor for “seeing the person behind the patient”. We created faces using objects relevant to various healthcare departments and rolled them out across all conference elements – challenging delegates to see patients as people first, in every task they perform.


Personology reached 160 Mediclinic leaders across 3 continents. With 97.3% of the delegates relating to the theme, the campaign has aligned all global platforms to put people first - turning a clinical strategy into a human, more memorable one.