Burger King
Painting With Fire

Turning flame grilling to an artform.

Brief & Challenge

Burger King has taken flame-grilling to the next level by elevating the making of burgers to an artform. Using flames as their paintbrush Burger King has created the tastiest burger in town, the Big King.

Insight & Solution

Could Burger King create actual art with flames? Out of a collaboration with street artist Yay Abe the
“Art of Fire” came to life by creating a mural made with flames, and special edition Big King packaging.

The whole process was documented and followed on social media. The mural was revealed at a launch event in Braamfontein with a co-branded event at Sneakerlab.


23% increase in sales.
PR coverage of R2 700 000.
1 500 000 impressions
539 000 video views