Burger King
Ouma Approved

Who are the best people to endorse a classic South African Flavour?

Brief & Challenge

How does an iconic American brand show they get South Africans? By creating something unique, something different, something proudly South African. And so we created the Milktart Milkshake.

Insight & Solution

To prove that our milkshake is legit, Burger King needed brand
endorsement from the ones who know exactly what makes a
milktart, THE MILKTART, the biggest milktart influencers in town… Oumas. Because if they love it, everyone will.


We partnered with two social media personalities,
Craig Lucas and Miss Patty Monroe, to find out if their Oumas approved of our new Milktart Milkshake.Which of course their Oumas gave a thumbs up. The resulting
videos were charming stories of a celebrity treating their grandma to a day out and sharing a real moment.

We had to get it approved by everyone.
So on Heritage Day, Burger King paid a visit to the Oumas and Oupas of Neighbourhood Old Age Homes, because who’s going to argue with them about millktart? At the end of the day we put big smiles on a whole lot of wrinkly faces, and most
importantly got the Milktart Milkshake approved.