Virgin Radio

Relaunching An Iconic Brand In A New Age.

Brief & Challenge

Virgin Radio International is the world’s largest radio station group. We were tasked to evolve the old Virgin Radio logo. The solution had to be used for both the holding company while allowing each station to have a sense of their own identity. The solution also had to be a dramatisation of the brand’s promise: “Always Listening Out For You.”

Insight & Solution

To give a sense of ‘broadcast ’we amplified the primary logo, by using cymatics: The study of sound and vibration made visible. Cymatic patterns are formed when a sound frequency is introduced to a medium like water or sand. Using this technique as our inspiration, we used the star from the logo (representing the station) as our starting point and recorded dozens of cymatic experiments – testing to see how different sound frequencies would affect the star shape. The resulting images were used for the mother brand logo and inspired graphic interpretations used for each of the individual stations.


The Virgin Radio International identity allowed regional stations to adapt the identity’s look and feel to reflect their unique personality at the brand’s re-launch. Cymatic patterns were used to amplify the Virgin logo on trains, billboards, posters, and even the Virgin Radio App’s live streaming interface.