Pure Beer Society

Make an ad campaign? How about a society instead?

Brief & Challenge

Working with various partners, The Jupiter Drawing Room (Cape Town) was tasked to develop a CRM programme for Windhoek to gather database information in anticipation of legislation banning alcohol advertising.

Insight & Solution

The Pure Beer Society was created to celebrate men who appreciate only the finest beer. More precisely, a beer that’s 100% pure, brewed using the finest malted barley, hops and water. A beer made of the right stuff.

These are men who enjoy sharing their own experiences and inspire those around them with their amazing stories. Stories of triumph over adversity, creating their own path through life regardless of the obstacles encountered along the way. Men made of the right stuff. 

The Windhoek Pure Beer Society is a place where these men can learn about Windhoek beer and become experts on its 100% pure variants – Draught, Lager and Light. It’s also a place where they can talk about life, exchanging ideas with like-minded individuals who never compromise on their values; becoming all they can be.


As members, they are invited to exclusive events and get to take part in special promotions and competitions. They can also learn more about the men who were featured in the latest Windhoek advertising campaign. These are men who have followed their passion and whose stories inspire the Windhoek Pure Beer Society members to create their own.