SASKO Siyasizana

Brief & Challenge

SASKO presented The Jupiter Drawing Room (Cape Town) with the challenge of creating a campaign that would increase brand equity, drive increased sales and thereby increase distribution amongst bread stockists within the Tembisa community.

In Tembisa, the second largest township in Gauteng, we found that our customers had no preference to what bread brand they were buying - it was just a habitual purchase.

People weren’t buying SASKO bread because there was no emotional connection to the brand. We also learnt through on-the-ground research that the daycare centres in Tembisa were in desperate need of basic amenities, and saw an opportunity to show the community we could help in a meaningful way.

Insight & Solution

Launched officially in September 2015, Siyasizana – which means ‘we are helping each other’ in isiZulu – is an ongoing project that will see local daycare owners collecting SASKO bread bags in order to redeem them for much needed items for their daycares.


In just six months, 364 participating daycares in Tembisa collected a staggering 315 582 bags resulting in 1 365 prizes being awarded by SASKO in March 2016.

The campaign resulted in SASKO’s market share by volume increasing from 19% to 32% in the six month campaign period with an increase in Tembisa Spaza shops stocking SASKO bread by 95%. The sales of SASKO bread increased 29% when compared to the same period in the previous year.

The media coverage on the Siyasizana project gained significant awareness for SASKO:

AVE 1:1 = R 637,114.56
AVE 1:3 = R 1,911,343.62