From a bankrupt business to desired brand in just six short years

We took on a challenge and built Hyundai from the number 28 car brand in SA (2000) to number four in 2016. From a business that was bankrupt to a desired brand. We used cut-through and distinctive advertising to compete, even though we had a much smaller marketing budget than our competitors.

Brief & Challenge

Hyundai tasked The Jupiter Drawing Room (Cape Town) with improving the brand’s reputation and increasing sales with only a small budget.

Insight & Solution

In 2003, we noticed that Hyundai USA offered their customers a 10-year warranty, giving customers complete peace of mind. A warranty exceeding three years was unheard of in the local market, so we recommended launching something similar in South Africa to help the brand’s reputation.

We became a noticeable brand in South Africa by setting a Guinness World Record for the biggest working vuvuzela to coincide with the Soccer World Cup in 2010 and created memorable TV campaigns that resonated with audiences, from the “Remote Controlled” Atos TVC, to the “Pretty but Tough” Tucson ad.

We also reinvented the test-drive with i30 Light Drive - a virtual racing game, which was projected onto the i30’s front windscreens, and played inside the car. This digitally integrated campaign took the test-drive to a whole new level and i30 sales rocketed as a result.


By consistently challenging the category by doing things differently, we’ve managed to shift perceptions to create a brand that ranks 4th in South Africa’s car category.