Fabulous Dress Project

Can stains be beautiful?

Brief & Challenge

Every woman wants to look and feel fabulous in what they're wearing and would like their favourite clothes to last as long as possible. So, we asked: can a dress keep looking fabulous even if you stain it on purpose?

Insight & Solution

We wanted to prove that Skip can both clean and protect the fabulousness of a treasured garment with the #FabulousDressProject. We got fashion designer, Celeste Arendse, and fashion blogger, Aisha Baker, on board to create 3 different designs for 3 different events with only one perfect white dress and everyday stains, washing it with Skip after every event to start on a blank canvas again.


We told the story of the collaboration and the behind-the-scenes production to women through our hashtag on social media, Aisha's blog,, on The Morning Expresso show, and through earned PR coverage.