The Jupiter Drawing Room
Cape Town

We opened our doors on the 6th of February 1994 – the same year of our country’s first truly democratic elections. At last, every single South African could determine their own future. We took this new direction to heart – and our namesake from a Guy de Maupassant story. In a French country house, Madame Tellier and her young ladies ‘entertained’ tradesmen downstairs. For dignitaries however, a special room was set aside on the first floor: The Jupiter Drawing Room.

Our agency began as three people, but now our family has grown considerably. Along the way we’ve built brands. We’ve made clients wealthier. We’ve judged top award shows around the world and we’ve won an incredible amount of them.

We’ve started an advertising school, and we’ve developed black talent. But most importantly, we have helped our people grow. And although we look back with nostalgia and pride over the work we’ve done, we equally look forward with anticipation to the work we’ve yet to do.

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