Cape Town

A truly collaborative approach sees Virgin Radio come to life.

Virgin Radio International is the world’s largest radio station group, made up of fourteen radio stations scattered across the globe.

Capturing their move from just ‘broadcasting out’ to listeners, to ‘inviting conversations in’, their brand’s promise is: “Always Listening Out for You”.

We were tasked with evolving the old Virgin Radio logo and creating a new visual identity for the parent company, Virgin Radio International. The new visual identity also needed to drive brand development, work across multiple types of media, and amplify the unique personality of each individual regional station.

The challenge was in using a combination of traditional and digital media to visually represent a radio station that is “Always Listening out for You”, making sound visible and interactive. The solution needed to create a consistent look and feel for the parent company, Virgin Radio International, but also allow each of its regional stations to adapt it to suit their unique personality.

We used cymatics to visualise sound.

Cymatics is the study of sound and vibration made visible through patterns that are formed when a sound frequency is introduced to a medium like water or fine grains of salt and sand. We applied this technique to diaphragms and plates containing the star from the Virgin Radio logo, and filmed and photographed dozens of cymatic experiments. We explored the way different sound frequencies visually interact with the Virgin Radio star shape. The resulting footage and photographic images of the patterns and the process were then used to create an identity for the global parent brand, and for each regional Virgin station.

Unlike other campaigns which are centred around one idea, this campaign transformed every day. Working with some of the best creative talent in the industry, we are incredibly excited about the quality of work produced.