By Jove, look who’s back at Jupiter

Completing a full circle is former Jupiter (Harare) studio manager Shaun Chirisa, who has rejoined the multi award-winning Zimbabwe agency. Bringing with him world-class digital design and strategy, University of Salford trained Chirisa was instrumental in setting up Jupiter (Lusaka), plus he consulted for The Jupiter Drawing Room & Partners Africa group agency, Jericho Advertising, for just over a year.
Having worked on major brands in both Zambia and Harare including FNB Zambia, Old Mutual and Chibuku, Shaun’s return to the Zimbabwe agency is a strategic move, designed to grow the Harare agency at a time when solutions for the local market need to be hard-working as well as innovative, with digital in particular a key driver.
‘As an ad-man born and bred in Zimbabwe, it’s great to coming back to Jupiter at this really exciting time in the country’s history. There are opportunities cropping up everywhere right now and I believe the agency is perfectly positioned to make the most of them’ Chirisa concluded.