Runesu Kwarambu joined Jupiter (Harare) in 2016 as managing director.

He gives Jupiter a wealth of experience from his working knowledge of various industries, including manufacturing, FMCG, banking and finance, and advertising. He is a holder of an Executive MBA from the Midlands State University, a BCom Marketing Degree from ZOU, a LCCI Marketing Diploma and he’s also a MAZ certified Marketing Practitioner and a ZimChartered Marketer candidate.

Runesu worked for CBZ Holdings from 2008 to 2014. At the point of his departure, he was head of group marketing and public relations. He was also a key member of the New Product Development Committees and a member of the CRM Champions.
Runesu worked for Nestlé Zimbabwe from 2004 to 2008 where his versatility was utilised as he moved from one department to another.

As the inaugural demand and supply planner for Nestlé Zimbabwe following training at Nestlé SA, Runesu was immediately given the responsibility to coordinate the computation and reporting of various Supply Chain Metrics as KPI’s for the SEA Region.